Boellis Panama 1924 Dopobarba 150 con spruzzatore


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The barber's tradition is one of the oldest; The beauty salon did not exist, therefore the most intelligent and enterprising barbers wandered through the streets trying to grasp the needs of the customers and to get in tune with one another's haircut.

Son of this tradition is Antonio Boellis (the founder), who appeared on the Neapolitan scene in 1924, leaving Apulia to look for luck.
A few years later, Peppino, his son, opened a small salon in Via Vetriera and consolidated Boellis's business.
Their services were offered in an exclusive and luxurious place. Boellis style and cut were soon appreciated and recognized all over the world.

To date, the third generation, Antonio and Michele Boellis, Peppino's children, continue this activity as an Italian excellence that combines tradition and innovation, offering man-made perfumes sold throughout the world in the most prestigious boutiques and perfumeries.

The philosophy of the "Panama 1924" line is born from an accurate and ambitious project. A special style that is translated with great passion by skilled hands of our artisans who care for every detail, giving an exclusive, sought after and quality product.


Olfactory Notes

Lemon, Mandarin

Lavender, Mint Crispa

Pink, Cinnamon China,

Cummy, Timo Red,

Coriander Russia


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