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Pipa Caminetto A6C500

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The Ascorti family produces these pipes that stand out for classical and elegant shapes, paying particular attention to the processing of the acrylic mouthpiece.

The colors of the heads depend on the quality of the wood, ranging from natural stain, orange to red and sanded or rustic finish.


1)Lenght:142 mm

2)Height:46 mm

3)Outer Diameter : 31 mm

4)Inside Diameter: 20mm

5)Bowl Depth : 38mm

6)Weight :40 g


Finish :smooth orange

Mouthpiece : methacrylate

Filter: no

Hand made in Italy Cucciago

Brands on the pipe: mustache on the mouthpiece and writing Caminetto 02.R.23


The proposed pipe is a unique object because handmade, and the picture shows, once sold will be removed from the catalog.

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